Women want sex Sun

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I text my boyfriend a few suggestive emojis, and ask him to come around for a little TGIF fun between the sheets. I begin concocting scenarios in my head to explain the unthinkable… did both his phone and battery charger simultaneously die? What if he was so excited upon reading my text, he passed out and has since been lying helpless on his apartment floor? Should I call the police?! However, research shows this idea is largely inaccurate, not to mention, wildly problematic.

A study published in the journal, Archives of Sexual Behavior, found that, when presented with the opportunity to have sex with an attractive stranger, both men and women responded enthusiastically. The main difference between genders? Women were happier taking up the offer when they knew they could be guaranteed discretion and safety.

Whereas men typically face very few negative judgements in relation to their sexual choices, women are often regarded in a far more adverse light for making similar decisions. A study into sexual violence found 45 percent of women have experienced some form of sexual abuse throughout their lives. There was a time, like that Friday night a few months back, when I too had that question in my mind. Provided you and your partner are happy, comfortable and safe, you can rest assured your union is indeed healthy. There will be times one of you feels like sex more than the other, and you will go through dry spells.

The takeaway? Former sex addict reveals the REAL reasons women cheat on their partners I needed sex three times a day thanks to pre-menopause libido surg e in. All Football. Moment killer mum parties on 6-day bender as baby starves to death at home.

Women want sex Sun

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