Woman wanting to suck

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An organ primarily for passing urine into another organ which is for drinking water!. During my college days, I got a chance to read a sex magazine. One of my friends brought it from somewhere and all the batchmates gather around it like ants gathering around a drop of honey. There were few pictures of naked women and men engaged in some sexual action, which was not clear to me. The print was in black and white and of bad quality. Male genitals were blurred and in one picture a woman was holding a penis in her hands and in another one, the penis was inside the mouth of her.

A woman is taking a penis inside her mouth and sucking it!. I could not believe and digest!. The penis through which urine comes out, the penis which discharges gum like semen, the penis whose head is covered with a white paste with bad smell, the penis which is always sweaty and with a hard smell. She is happy and sucking it!. How she takes it in her mouth?. Is there any pleasure for her or is it enjoyable?. Does every woman like to suck a penis?. What happens if it discharges semen into the mouth?. Does a woman like to taste and swallow semen?

Why men are allowing to put in her mouth?. Is it enjoyable for a man?. What happens if she bites on it? These were the doubts that come into my mind when I think about the act in detail. Ina society, where children were scolded for putting any dirty, unnatural, or even a finger into their mouth, how a woman takes a dirty organ into her mouth?. When I began to masturbate, I noticed that it is difficult for a boy to find an object from nature, with a hole to insert his penis.

He had to wait for a vagina!. The other possible hole is mouth and it is easy to insert an erected penis. Is mouth is an alternative for vagina?. Why a woman is willing to suck it and insert it in her mouth?. These were some primary doubts for me at that time and I had to wait more years to understand and feel the pleasure of receiving a blowjob.

In porn, an actress is always eager to suck and perform blowjob with at most happiness, but real life now I felt that most of the women performing a blowjob without any satisfaction and commitment, they perform it only to satisfy a partner. Likes to share some thoughts and experiences on human sexuality, which may be useful to someone. Sex Chronology. Why do women like to suck a penis? Binumon Panicker Follow. Sex Chronology Sexual Experience of a young boy. Blowjob Sexuality Puberty Sex. Sexual Experience of a young boy. Written by Binumon Panicker Follow.

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Woman wanting to suck

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