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Added: Sharea Asuncion - Date: The travel industry is dominated by customer service, and hotel businesses live and die by the satisfaction of their guests. Both inspire and feed each other through demand, expectation, and satisfaction. It sees them fighting to balance their own business needs with the increasing and dynamic nature of travel technology, and the savvy, resourceful attitudes of travellers. As a result, hotels need to be led by traveller behaviour. The majority rules. Early adopters are typically well-educated, have high incomes, and are willing to take risks.

Hotels are realising they need to be in many places at once, with constant visibility being a cornerstone of booking success. However, optimising the guest experience and ensuring guest expectations are met is a constantly evolving challenge for hoteliers.

With a veritable banquet of options at their fingertips, travellers are demanding more than ever before. It makes life harder for hotels, but also gives them a greater opportunity to deliver an experience guests will never forget. The collection and use of customer data will allow a hotel to effectively personalise their service for guests. This blog will continue to delve into how you can perfect the guest experience at your property, including during the COVID era. A new breed of tech-savvy travellers has emerged in recent years, and they expect hotels to be keeping up with technology.

Even older generations are now well-versed in the use of social media and mobile devices, two things that are vital considerations for hoteliers. This means mobile-friendly websites, easyand a quick and simple booking process. Even while gaining inspiration to travel, people are using mobile technology to browse Facebook or Instagram, so a constant presence is needed from hotels.

Recognised as one of the most critical aspects for hotels, the guest experience starts prior to their check-in; it begins during their research for accomodation and also continues post-stay, with technology being a driver throughout the entire journey. Guests expect this process to be fast and simple with payment systems that are accessible via mobile. Mobile has become increasingly important. Consumers are finding more ways to solve their own enquiries. One of the methods they use is by downloading apps. When it comes Visitor in hotel alone booking your hotel, they expect to be able to easily check their details and interact with your hotel instantly through an app rather than byphone, or web browser.

The way that hospitality businesses operate and deliver experiences will undergo a raft of edits and adaptations to form a new normal in the long term. But changes have to happen now, and quickly. Many guests will be hesitant to book too far in advance and also may be forced to cancel reservations at short notice.

The waiving or relaxing of cancellation fees is widespread across the industry for hotels, OTAs, and airlines. It will help to ensure vital guest satisfaction and future loyalty by offering empathy through flexibility. Travellers will naturally be health conscious when they travel in the immediate future so you need to make assurances that your hotel is undertaking best practice in this area. Assess which areas of your property need improvement and increased Visitor in hotel alone.

Overcrowding should be avoided at all costs as many guests will be concerned about this — and it will likely be illegal. Again, assurances will need to be made that you have this under control. Intensify cleaning procedures, especially in high touch areas like these. These are requests that travellers have been leaning towards for some time prior to the pandemic, but will become much more of a demand now.

Not only will it save the guest time and inconvenience, it will now make them feel safer. Hotels should access industry specific apps to help with check-in and room functionality. Travellers will be looking for body and soul restoration, to feel healthy, clean, and normal again. Many will be eager to escape the surroundings they have just spent in lockdown to find calmer experiences. Being cooped up for weeks and months on end will have travellers craving adventure, exploration, and fun new experiences.

Hotels should look at what packages they can offer for this group. Guests will be making sure local health services are close to where they are staying and are reliable, to ensure the safety of themselves, family, friends, and colleagues. To aid guests, update information on your website, including room descriptions and use guest messaging apps to make communication easier and more personalised. The businesses that innovate and recognise the opportunities available to them will be the ones that succeed.

To help get things off on the right foot, there are plenty of important tasks you can perform before your guests even finalise their booking or arrive for their stay. You want your guests to be in a good state of mind before they stay with you — anticipating their trip with excitement. Travellers put a huge focus on reading online reviews before they make a booking. Sites like TripAdvisor are extremely popular so you need to have a verified and positive presence Visitor in hotel alone these sites.

Address all comments, negative or positive, in a considerate and timely manner. Encourage guests to post about their experiences online, or ask if you can share their comments. By taking a proactive approach, your reputation will remain positive. You need to offer them value for money and something that will excite or interest them personally. Packages can apply to both leisure and business travellers as a pleasure and convenience respectively. Your hotel can only benefit from selling packages as guests who purchase them are less likely Visitor in hotel alone cancel their booking.

Ideally you want a package that will please every guest but at the same time, if you have too many it will dilute the impact. Three great packages Visitor in hotel alone better than 10 mediocre ones. Combining your services with that of another tourist attraction in the area is a surefire way to add value to your packages. It also gives you a lot of flexibility on what you can offer guests. Tickets to zoos, tours, theme parks, museums are always popular, as are restaurant vouchers. Even concerts or one-off events can be leveraged as short-term packages.

This way you can cater for many different guests, those interested in adventure and those more excited by shopping or fine dining. Keep in mind that the situation with COVID can change quickly so you need to update packages accordingly. Try incorporating more interesting content into your packages and their names.

For business travellers, always focus on convenience such as a package delivering breakfast to their room, free dry cleaning, and transport services. While most packages include a room and some type of external activity, you can make your packages even more enticing by adding your own service to the mix such as spa-treatments, a bar tab, or private dining experience. Never ignore families. You must also consider guests with disabilities and people with specific occupations that you can give personalised packages to.

When your guests do arrive and stay you need to consider how you engage with them to create a great lasting impression. Being approachable and easy to communicate with throughout the entire journey will be much appreciated by guests. Hotels must become more open to conversation. Communication with guests needs to be multifaceted if your hotel is going to please everyone.

Use social media and other communication modes — text messages, WhatsApp, phone calls and more to create a rapport which grows into a relationship. This is just another opportunity for you to offer value adds and upsell the experiences. Some obvious goals when serving guests are to make things easier, faster, more personal, and more satisfying. Internet of Things The connection and integration between different technologies and devices has been hotly anticipated by most industries, and it provides huge opportunities for hotels.

This is what the Internet of Things IoT offers, with experts estimating around 30 billion objects making up the network in Already, IoT products like LED lighting, automated curtains, temperature control, virtual concierge, smart TVs, and more are changing the way guests navigate their hotel stay.

Sensors are already hugely popular, replacing buttons, handles, or other traditional mechanisms to enter rooms or operate devices. Mobile phones are an extension of this, eliminating a lot of physical interaction at the hotel. Chatbots Technology is often blamed for stifling human interaction and, in particular, the art of meaningful conversation. Chatbots are deed specifically to stimulate intelligent conversation with human users, and have become the norm in the hotel industry. Mobile apps Apps can make life simpler for both your hotel and your guests in a of ways:.

While a mobile app is a great idea for your hotel to implement, it can be hard to incentivise guests to download one for Visitor in hotel alone property they visit. The best strategy is to get as many return customers as possible and unlock unique rewards through your app. A shopping cart experience Purchasing has evolved to be one of the simplest yet diverse things a person can do in the modern world. This system has been built upon the desires of consumers.

When you think about shoppers in general, a range of options and freedom of choice are highest on their list of demands.

Woman seeking nsa Davilla Texas

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