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It comes up in a surprising of conversations a lot. Sure, the trend has been happening for years gone are the days when people attended 50 out of 52 Sundays , but the issue has reached a tipping point in the church over the last decade. But the conversation persists and, to many leaders, feels much more urgent. This is the first in a series of posts about church attenders who love God, appreciate the local church and are even involved in the local church, but who simply attend less often. It impacts almost every church regardless of size, denomination or even location.

It probably marks a seismic shift in how the church will do ministry in the future. Of course, church attendance is never the goal. But attendance a of something deeper that every church leader is going to have to wrestle with over the next few years. If your church is at all engaging the middle class, the upper-middle class, or a suburban demographic, an interesting trend is developing.

Both US and Canadian personal disposable incomes are at all-time highs. And again…people with money have options. Technology options. Travel options. Options for their kids. And, arguably, that affluence may be one of the factors moving them further away from a committed engagement to the mission of the local church. A growing of kids are playing sports. And a growing of kids are playing on teams that require travel. Despite environmental concerns, travel is on the rise , and most people are taking far more than the old standard of one vacation a year.

Fortunately, more and more blended families and single parent families are finding a home in church. Similarly, while the affluent might not be in church because of access to reliable transportation, single parents who, not always, but often, struggle more financially might not be in church because they lack access to reliable transportation. People who have a car are often not in church because they have a car. By the way, I lead a church that virtually requires a vehicle to get there. With the rise of online church, social media, and so ubiquitous tech, there have never been more opportunities for people to access church without being there.

Anyone who attends your church has free access to any online ministry of any church. People are looking less to churches and leaders to help them grow spiritually, and more to other options. Just ask any family physician. It drives them nuts. Google, doctors will tell you, is not a complete replacement for medical school.

In an age where we have access to everything, more and more people are self-directing their spirituality…for better or for worse. Similarly, another characteristic of the post-modern mind is a declining trust of and reliance on institutions. But many churches behave like an institution, and the post-modern mind instinctively moves away from it as a result. People always make time for the things they value most. When someone merely attends church, the likelihood of showing up regularly or even engaging their faith decreases over time. At our church, I find our most engaged people—people who serve, give, invite and who are in a community group—are our most frequent attenders.

Church leaders who fail to recognize this will not be able to change rapidly enough to respond to the shifts that are happening. Everything changed after I consulted Dr. Before my marriage was hell. I cried day and night. I could see my marriage falling apart despite all my efforts to make it work. My husband left me and his kids for another woman and when he sent me divorce papers, It was at that point that a friend of mine referred me to Dr.

She helped me rescue my marriage. My husband came back home and the other woman went back to Australia. And now its like heaven on earth. Thank you Dr. Todd for being sincere and keeping your promise. I love my church. I do not physically go because I do not feel well. Many times weather has been a factor. Honestly, I am extremely short; hate to sit in front rows due to sensory overload.

My home screen is so much better. Most churches are very family oriented, as is mine I am old and single and have nothing in common that would make me want to physically be there to actually see someone.

They know each other and group together. Sometimes this is because of small groups, which I also have not been able to attend. Hoping to ramp up to Zoom. We have an online group starting in the fall. In any case, I would get up, get dressed, drive there, listen alone, and come home. Not working for me. The bible says not to forsake the assembling of yourselves together. However, they had no internet back then. I feel connected to those on line because of the internet. We are all one spirit of the church.

We have a running chat box. There is immediate feedback as to what the pastor says. I feel more worshipful at home. I have candles near my desk, a cross, etc. Our church has actually grown due to online attendance. In fact, we are building up our online campus. I see nothing negative here. At some point, we may not be able to attend in person; perhaps this is training for the future. Just a thought. PTL for online. Another note: I can go to multiple services on Sunday different churches by skipping the travel. The reason I left is because the Christian religion no longer made any sense to me.

I was in Evangelical Christian, raised in the Church of the Nazarene. Nothing happened, no disputes or disagreements or trouble with other parishioners whatsoever. Long story short, I began to read books that had always been taboo inside the faith, for lack of a better terminology. I began for the first time in my life to understand there were other ways of being Christian, about 30, different ways if you measure by the of denominations.

It was a gradual exit over the course of time for me. Today I consider myself an atheist, at least in terms of the three Abrahamic gods. I am more than happy to talk about it if anybody wants to know more, but I will leave it there for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope all of you have a good and pleasant day. Sorry to hear about your fallout. I also had my fallouts for some of the reasons you described. Yes the Christian faith and salvation is strictly exclusive but as I wandered into agnosticism I could not deny the supernaturality of our very being, the various recounts across the globe in the past and present of miracles or on the flip side encounters with demons, or the very personal spiritual moments I had.

Yes, I felt bad for the greater portion of humanity because according to Christ they were damned for eternity should they die without accepting him and repenting.

Sexy chat lines Church Point

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