Sex phone needs fun

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Because whether you do live far from one another or it just seems that way in effect right now, it's easy to get sexually frustrated when you're frequently horny and infrequently in physical touch with your partner. Thanks to a of new technologies, though, resources abound for helping to keep the spark alive in your relationship, even when you're apart from your partner.

Sometimes you just wish you could touch your partner as a means to let them know you're thinking about them at any given moment. Well, now you can—with a tap or two or three of your finger. Bond Touch bracelets enable you and your partner to sync wearables and communicate messages through your own special vibrational language. As a suggestion, you could try the remote- and app-controlled We-Vibe Sync.

Or you could use an oral sex simulator, like the Womanizer , while pretending your partner is going down on you to help bring the fantasy to a more IRL state. You and your partner could also use toys together at the same time while talking dirty on the phone or sexting. In line with the intimate power your words stand to share, sexologist Carol Queen, PhD , says that visual and tactile elements of sex aren't requirements for sexual intimacy.

Mastering erotic talk is its own super-useful sexy skill. If you're often apart from your partner, make the absolute most of the time you share by extending it with notes from each other you can read once your visits end. Because, you know, everyone loves getting fun mail read: letters or gifts, not bills. Because ultimately, long distance relationship sex ideas are endless—especially if you choose to play around and combine several tips. Become an Insider. Enter Address. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Youtube Instagram. B efore moving in together, my partner and I had spent the duration of our relationship living two hours away from each other.

It was a tough experience for a reasons, including our very high libidos and intense chemistry with one another. And even if you aren't in an LDR, per se, you might have recently quarantined or are still quarantining separately from your partner, which can make your setup feel like a very sudden and unintentional LDR.

No matter your specific circumstances, though, certain long distance relationship sex ideas might be helpful in order to help you feel closer to your partner than you might actually be. Related Stories. Tags: Relationship Tips , Sex Advice.

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Sex phone needs fun

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6 Ways to Keep the Sexual Sparks Flying in a Long-Distance Relationship