Sex in Liechtenstein tx

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A normal, non-suspicious hangs around 1. The reason we find this newest data of particular interest is that, despite the popular Western focus on Asia, the practice occurs in more European countries. Perhaps most striking is the central European country that ranks at the top of the list—Liechtenstein. This strikes us as odd, given that Liechtenstein has never made this list in the past. Perhaps this is a data collection error in very small populations, as also in Curacao, the can be skewed.

But we are surprised that no journalists have picked up on the fact that the worst offending son-preference country in the world is now, allegedly, a European country. We contacted the CIA to ask them about this possible data anomaly but have not yet heard back. It is worth noting that Lichtenstein has one of the most restrictive laws against abortion in Europe. When asked if they could only have one child, more parents want a boy.

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Sex in Liechtenstein tx

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