Seeking someone with shared interests

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Whether you move to a new town, start a hobby, enter a new phase of life, or just want to make new friends, the web makes it easy to connect with people who share similar passions. Connecting with new people can help you get more out of life. You'll have a larger support network that can appreciate your trials and victories. Additionally, if your hobbies include staying in shape or eating well, surrounding yourself with others who want to do the same is a great motivator.

Here are seven sites and apps, from online groups for shared interests to hobby apps, that help you connect with people with the same interests. It connects you with others who enjoy your interests by letting you search for groups or events within five miles of your location using any of the site's or your own terms. This common interests website and its mobile app also let you start your own new group. There are currently three Meetup pricing plans. You can also ask members to contribute annually or chip in what they can to support the group.

If you just want someone to talk to at any given time without necessarily meeting up, Vingle is a great option. When you the platform, you choose as many interests as you want. Then, your news feed brings up relevant posts and members you can interact with. Chatting or getting advice about your favorite hobbies could not be easier. Another free platform popular for people wanting to make friends is Patook. You can access it through your phone or browser to start and build platonic relationships based on common interests. Patook works like a dating app. Its algorithm uses a point system, ratings, and other factors to match similar individuals, who can then reach out to each other.

Today, there are more apps than sites that allow you to connect with other people with the same interests. Like Patook, We3 also follows a platonic recipe, matching users as friends and not dates. A smart and simple system to meet new people. If groups of three feel restricting, however, there are ways to work around it. Once you get to know enough people, you could move the conversation to WhatsApp or even a real outing. What We3 and other such apps offer is a safe environment to break the ice and inspire future fun activities.

There really are lo of online groups for shared interests, especially mobile platforms. Bumble has set itself apart from the dating app competition by creating a friend-matching version of its service. All you do is download the Bumble app and fill in your details, hobbies, ambitions, and so on. Whether you want to chat or hang out, the app has you covered.

Be aware of dating app privacy risks , however, and how to protect yourself from them. As efficient as Bumble is, it can still be vulnerable to hackers and its own mistakes. Keep this factor in mind when exploring all of these online tools. Not all social apps turn out to be good for just making friends, but those that do make a difference.

The range of options available on MeetMe, including filters and tags, means that you can really narrow down your matches. This way you can immediately get off on the right foot. If you want even more engaging conversations, it might be worth focusing your search for online tools for specific hobbies instead of general social platforms. Hobify, for example, invites skilled people to promote their talents, as well as socialize about them.

You can hire all kinds of local professionals, from language interpreters to parkour athletes. At the same time, you can chat about your passions, get advice, and discover new experiences to enjoy with like-minded people. Having fun while socializing takes interactions to the next level. Develop or pick up new creative hobbies for adults that can improve happiness , like gardening or photography. Then, invite a Hobify friend to a nature walk, for example, so you can take pictures and get to know each other better.

With so many online groups for shared interests available, from websites to apps, you can meet people even while staying at home. So, get online, find some new groups to connect with, and plan awesome activities for you and your new pals. Are you a group of dancers, actors, or amateur sleuths?

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Seeking someone with shared interests

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