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LONDON — For the millions of people who spend hours glued to their computer screens chatting on social networks came the good news this year that they could finally get out more often. From social networks to games, images and music; online entertainment has increasingly moved to the mobile handset. But fans should beware: Those companies trying to grab your attention are hoping you will bring your wallets with you.

The most popular sources of entertainment are music, social networking, text-base chatting and receiving news alerts. CCS Insight analyst Paolo Pescatore believes the most popular sites such as Facebook might struggle to charge on mobile as users would still expect the service to be free. But other services with sought-after exclusive content, or niche sites with premium offerings, or communities such as myGamma and Itsmy could prove more successful extracting payment.

Other services that could prove to be successful in terms of drawing users and making money will be those which offer a core aspect for free and then charge a small fee for premium content. One online and mobile service that has followed this route is Flirtomatic www. Those who wish to take the service more seriously can also pay extra in a bid to promote themselves. One can advertise themselves on the site, check who is rating them, and pay to give someone else a better-than-perfect rating of The service, which is available in Britain, Germany and the United States and plans to spread further, also allows its users to send gifts — both virtual and real.

Another easy way to find content on mobile phones is via applications, small software programs that offer games, directions and a host of other services for free or a fee. But Patrick Mork, the vice president of marketing, told Reuters he could imagine a time when it would. He said games were among the most popular. However Mork cautioned that the of users who accessed games through their mobile phones was still relatively small and said this would not change until paying methods and ease of access improved. Related Stories. All Rights reserved. Close the menu Logo text.

Seeking entertainment networking

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