Nice guy looking for nice boobs

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With the often unattainable portrayal of women's bodies in the media, feeling self-conscious about your own body and how it compares is all too easy. And since it's a little okay It'd be pretty awkward to go ahead and ask a guy what he's thinking when he looks at your boobs.

But it's your lucky day: we asked them for you! As a guy, I am confident that you have nothing to worry about : ". It makes them unique and rare, therefore special imo. Sometimes the size of a girl's boobs determine whether I want her as a girlfriend or not. If you're young and they sag it means they are big and heavy. That's perfect to me as a guy. Anything after that really kinda is a turnoff. Guys realize your boobs are more than just for sex. Small boobs are sexy. I like what I like and they're what get me going.

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Nice guy looking for nice boobs

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The Brutal, Unfiltered TRUTH About What Guys Think About Your Boobs