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Sex in the Netherlands is no taboo subject, as anyone who has taken a stroll through the De Wallen district of Amsterdam finds out. Heck, earlier this year it was ranked the sixth sexiest country! What are Dutch attitudes towards sex? How are they educated in schools and really? How low do the lowlanders drop it and is it hot?

Time to find out in our un official, but still kind of scientific, guide to sex in the Netherlands. Sex is, unfortunately, a taboo in many cultures. In their direct, no-nonsense way, the Dutch have adopted an arguably better method than most to educate their citizens about sex. Sex education in the Netherlands starts at the ripe old age of four, during kindergarten.

The Dutch believe that sex is a natural element of life, therefore avoiding the issues that many other cultures struggle with. Open conversation on the matter are encouraged in the Netherlands. Ever since they are young, Dutch children are taught about sex in an arguably holistic manner.

They learn about the need for respect towards your partner, while also learning about the more technical aspects of sex life. A wide range of topics are coved in Dutch sex ed. From gender identity to boys being encouraged to embrace their feelings. Girls also learn how to make their own choices about sexuality and not give in to societal expectations or peer pressure. Few topics are left unearthed. Lessons include topics such as oral sex and masturbation, which for many other cultures are topics which can barely be discussed in public. The success of Dutch sex education is reflected in their low pregnancy rates.

While the United States, for example, has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the developed world, the Dutch rate of pregnancy is a staggering four times lower. Another important aspect of their education is learning about consent. The Dutch learn that sex is something to be done in the context of a relationship based on trust and love.

Condoms are easily accessible in stores and at vending machines in schools, while the contraceptive pill is free for any women under 21 years. And it works! Sexually transmitted diseases are much lower than in the Netherlands than in the United Kingdom or the United States. The Dutch model of sex education can therefore be considered a great example of how to deal with the topic. While it might not be applicable everywhere due to cultural barriers, it can still serve as an inspiring example for other nations when trying to develop a beneficial sex education curriculum.

Given their open approach to sex education, a glimpse into the start of their sex life should yield interesting . By 16, half of teenagers experienced manual stimulation of the genitals, and by 17, half of them experience oral sex.

This is likely a result of the openness of their educational system with regards to sex. A European wide survey on sex conducted by YouGov looked at how different nationalities self-evaluate their love-making skills. The Dutch appear to think highly of their bedroom etiquette, coming in second in Europe alongside Austrians, first place being taken by the Swiss.

This is higher than the stereotypical love-makers of the continent. These accalades are often associated with the Italians, the Spanish, and the French. Last place goes to the British, perhaps an issue of post-colonial small bulldog syndrome. Shockingly, these statistics seem to imply that the Dutchies barely even go to their own red-light districts. Sure, they might have lied in the survey. Or maybe, the thing is that their sex education has made them have a generally healthier sex life.

Or maybe all that grey weather and stamppot has made them a bit blander. The Dutch attitude towards prostitution is famous internationally, and there are no better places to gain an insight of the phenomenon than the red-light districts in the Netherlands.

The legal structure on prostitution in the Netherlands is well-developed, with sex workers benefiting from legal protection, and workers rights akin to standard employees. While when most people think of the Red Light District Amsterdam comes to mind first, many are surprised to find that most large cities in the Netherlands, such as Utrecht and the Hague, have their own dedicated area for legal sex work. In these places, there are strong police presences, dedicated and private car spots to do the deed, and sexual health clinics provided for the workers.

That being said, cases of abuse do still happen. Unregistered sex workers are illegal, and human trafficking is also of grave concern, as well as links with criminal organisations. Women from foreign countries are enticed to come to the Netherlands on the promise of working in restaurants or other service jobs. Many find themselves forced into sex work, usually threatened with violence. Estimates per year of victims of these situations range from 1, to 7, This has lead to a loss of support from the public in regards to prostitution.

There are stronger pushes on the Dutch government to tighten controls, create licensing for brothels, as well as reducing the size of red-light districts. Prostitutes also need to be years-old in order to work as sex workers. They claim that the heavy taxation only ends up benefiting the brothel owners, as well as an increasing in criminality. Whatever your opinion is on legalisation and its ethical concerns, visiting the red-light district of Amsterdam is still a worthwhile experience — even if you are not there to pay for services.

While the Dutch can be known to be notoriously private individuals, Pornhub is not private with statistics about their viewers. Here are the stats from the well known adult site. Mothers are also very much respected and cherished. North Holland and South Holland prove their love for ethnic diversity, as one would expect of the Randstad. Meanwhile, Groningen, Gelderland, and Friesland seem to fashion a bit of the classic bondage. Youngsters seem very much into it, perhaps a symptom of the digital age. Well-travelled Dutchies between seem to have a passion for Indian porn. With the age and increase of sexual experiences, people between would like to know more about anal sex.

One of our favourite discoveries is the passion that people aged 45—64 have for German porn, which seems to only increase with time. Any explanations of this weird middle-aged kink for the eastern neighbours? Finally, people over 65, in a strangely endearing way, look up hand-jobs the most. Thankfully we get to have a little insight into their kinks, grace to the insights so wonderfully provided publicly by Pornhub. What are your experiences with sex in the Netherlands? Are the Dutch as good as they claim to be? Let us know in the comments below! Here in America we start teaching gender from day one.

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They compiled data from billions of hits, all to explore the intricacies of online porn viewership. Image: Pornhub. Pornhub insights by regions of the Netherlands, Pornhub insights on what people of different ages look for in terms of , article Up, up, up! Highest ever increase as housing prices skyrocket. Next article The Netherlands ranks at the top — for the most expensive internet prices. When he isn't spending time missing mountains or complaining about the lack of urban exploration locations in the Netherlands, you can find him writing at Dutch Review.

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Netherlands girls who want to fuck

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