Lonely women Greece

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Details here. Hi guys. Any suggestion or tips abt safety I am also traveling solo to Greece. I am looking at taking a ferry from Santorini to Athens that gets in about midnight. Is this a bad idea? Smile Either book a hotel in Piraeus close to the ferry dock for your first night or take the taxi or bus into Central Athens. The Metro will have stopped running for the night.

Taxis will be charging the night rate double. The bus will take you to Syntagma Square and there are some fairly cheap hotels within easy walking distance. I'm a single female wanting to do some island hopping in Greece in late Sept, through Oct. I'd like to stay at some hostels and find some historical sites , beaches , kayak , great food, clubs where the locals hang out and some hiking. I'd love some feed back. I've never been. Doing some research I'm a bit concerned about the weather , high seas , where ferries may not run and islands closed for the season.

If anyone can give some input it would be much appreciated. By "clubs where the locals hang out" what are you looking for? Do you mean clubs where Greek men go to hook up with foreign women? This may seem like an offensive question but you really need to be more forthcoming with details. What has your research uncovered so far about weather, sailing conditions, ferry schedules and island activities for your travel dates? Do you have a guidebook for Greece that for ideas and recommendations or are you limited to what you're finding on the internet?

If you don't have a current guidebook I strongly urge you to buy one or check one out of your local library. Much of what you need you'll find in it. The "season" ends at the end of October so you should be fine regardless of where you go. October is a lot slower than September. If you smell burning gasoline or tear gas turn around and run! If a friendly anarchist invites you to a Molotov cocktail politely decline! Thanks Bro , I'm coming from Texas and clueless. I know some fellow Greeks here and no offense taking I'm not looking for men nor women for anything else but to really get the essence of Greece and travel like a local.

I hear Crete and santorini are some great places to go. I'm really interested in kayaking and then good food and then some cool clubs to dance and of course people watch. Then If you have the best suggestions with the dates I'm traveling where you think would be best for me to go would be great. I'm just trying to find the best places to island hop where I feel safe and can meet new friends and see history and great beaches and hiking.

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Find them on www. Thanks, Bridget. Mastermotherb- Which islands have you considered so far? Which ones appeal to you the most, and why? Safety in Athens: If you smell burning gasoline or tear gas turn around and run! Don't get sunburned! Drive your scooter carefully! Sincerely , Bridget. Western Europe. Travel Booking Hotels Flights Insurance. Social media links Twitter Facebook Pinterest Flipboard. International English.

Lonely women Greece

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