I need a motivator

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Even the most motivated of us — you, me, Tony Robbins — can feel unmotivated at times. In fact, sometimes we get into such a slump that even thinking about making positive changes seems too difficult. Yes, I know, it seems impossible at times. Roy is just one of many with a slump like that. This post was inspired by reader Roy C. And it saps my energy and motivation. You cannot maintain energy and focus the two most important things in accomplishing a goal if you are trying to do two or more goals at once.

You have to choose one goal, for now, and focus on it completely. Still, I speak from experience. Find inspiration. Inspiration, for me, comes from others who have achieved what I want to achieve, or who are currently doing it. I read other blogs, books, magazines. I Google my goal, and read success stories. Zen Habits is just one place for inspiration, not only from me but from many readers who have achieved amazing things. Get excited. Well, it starts with inspiration from others see above , but you have to take that excitement and build on it. Build anticipation.

This will sound hard, and many people will skip this tip. But it really works. It helped me quit smoking after many failed attempts. Many of us will get excited and want to start today. Set a date in the future — a week or two, or even a month — and make that your Start Date. Mark it on the calendar. Get excited about that date. Make it the most important date in your life. In the meantime, start writing out a plan.

And do some of the steps below. Because by delaying your start, you are building anticipation, and increasing your focus and energy for your goal. Post your goal. Print out your goal in big words. Post it at home and work. Put it on your computer desktop. You want to have big reminders about your goal, to keep your focus and keep your excitement going. A picture of your goal like a model with sexy abs, for example also helps. Commit publicly. None of us likes to look bad in front of others.

For example, when I wanted to run my first marathon, I started writing a column about it in my local daily newspaper. The entire island of Guam pop. Think about it daily. If you think about your goal every day, it is much more likely to become true. To this end, posting the goal on your wall or computer desktop as mentioned above helps a lot. Sending yourself daily reminders also helps.

And if you can commit to doing one small thing to further your goal even just 5 minutes every single day, your goal will almost certainly come true. Get support. When I decided to run my marathon, I had the help of friends and family, and I had a great running community on Guam who encouraged me at 5K races and did long runs with me. When I decided to quit smoking, I ed an online forum and that helped tremendously.

And of course, my wife Eva helped every step of the way. Find your support network, either in the real world or online, or both. Motivation is not a constant thing that is always there for you. It comes and goes, and comes and goes again, like the tide. It will come back. Just stick it out and wait for that motivation to come back. In the meantime, read about your goal see below , ask for help see below , and do some of the other things listed here until your motivation comes back.

Stick with it. Again, that motivation will come back. Think of your goal as a long journey, and your slump is just a little bump in the road. Start small. Really small. If you want to exercise, for example, you may be thinking that you have to do these intense workouts 5 days a week. No — instead, do small, tiny, baby steps. Just do 2 minutes of exercise. I know, that sounds wimpy. But it works. Commit to 2 minutes of exercise for one week. You may want to do more, but just stick to 2 minutes. Do it at the same time, every day. Just some crunches, 2 pushups, and some jogging in place.

Want to wake up early? Instead, think about waking 10 minutes earlier for a week. Baby steps. Build on small successes. Take that successful feeling and build on it, with another baby step. Add minutes to your exercise routine, for example. With each step and each step should last about a week , you will feel even more successful. After a couple of months, your tiny steps will add up to a lot of progress and a lot of success.

Read about it daily. When I lose motivation, I just read a book or blog about my goal. It inspires me and reinvigorates me. Call for help when your motivation ebbs. Having trouble? Ask for help. me. an online forum. Get a partner to you. Call your mom. Ask them for advice. Ask them to help you overcome your slump. It works. Think about the benefits, not the difficulties.

One common problem is that we think about how hard something is. Exercise sounds so hard! Just thinking about it makes you tired. But instead of thinking about how hard something is, think about what you will get out of it. The benefits of something will help energize you. Squash negative thoughts; replace them with positive ones. Just spend a few days becoming aware of every negative thought. Then, after a few days, try squashing those negative thoughts like a bug, and then replacing them with a corresponding positive thought.

If that wimp Leo can do it, so can I!

I need a motivator

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Motivation: How to get started and staying motivated