Hot tub looking for fun

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Relaxing in your hot tub is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you purchase your spa. Besides relaxation, spending time with your family and friends can bring togetherness—the time that is so hard to find in our busy day-to-day routines. How to Play: Place the duckie in the middle of the tub. Create two teams and each sit on opposite ends of the tub. You can blow or create waves, but you cannot touch the object. Splashing is allowed and actually makes the game quite fun.

The team that scores three points first is the winner and gets to impose a penalty on all members of the losing team. Advanced: You can set up two-person teams and have a mini tournament where you have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize. One on one is also very fun but be careful not to hyperventilate by blowing too much. How to Play: Pass the bottle completely around the tub without using your hands. The person who drops the bottle must suffer a penalty and then start the game over again using a different body part than the last time. Goal: Each player must pour water into the floating cup without it sinking to the bottom of the hot tub.

How to Play: First, turn down the power of your jets in the tub or shut them off completely. Take a cup and set it in the middle of the tub so that it floats and bobs around you may have to put a little water in the cup to stabilize it. Take a second cup and fill it with water. Using only one hand, each person now takes a turn pouring water into the floating cup for two seconds. Whoever pours the drop that causes the cup to sink to the bottom of the tub is the loser and must therefore suffer a penalty. After you pour your drops in the cup, you must count four seconds before passing the cup to the next player, if the cup sinks during those four seconds you lose.

Otherwise, you successfully complete your turn and get to sit back and watch the other players tremble and suffer no fair making waves. How to Play: Begin with five ping pong balls. Drop the balls into the center of the tub and then scramble like mad to get out of the way. The only rule is that you must keep both feet inside the tub at all times. If a ball touches you then you must sit outside of the tub until there is only one player left.

Continue to add two balls to the tub every 15 seconds until there is only one person left. The last person remaining in the tub is the winner and may then impose whatever penalty they choose onto all the losers. How to Play: Each person must come up with a that represents them i.

The game begins with everyone sitting in a circle and continuously slapping the water with their hands. The person to the left will do their , and so on, until everyone has gotten a turn. Now the game really gets crazy! Everyone must continue to slap the water with their hands while the game is going on as this provides a little more distraction and helps to cause more errors. If you get knocked down, you can get up again. Goal: To not be caught sitting in the seat where the jets are not running when the music stops. How to Play: This game is exactly like musical chairs but instead of using chairs you use the jets from inside the tub.

Have someone hopefully a dry person play a song on the stereo while everyone in the tub moves around in a clockwise motion. This person must then randomly stop the music and then everyone must freeze where they are at. If there is not a jet blowing up against you when you freeze then you are out and must remove yourself from the tub and suffer a penalty. In order for this game to work properly you need to shut down half the jets in your tub otherwise every seat would still have jets running in it and no one would ever lose.

This game works really well with a remote control for your stereo so you can stop the music from inside the tub. Remember, you must keep moving in a clockwise motion as long as the music is playing, no fair just shuffling your feet and hanging around the nearest jet until the music stops. How to Play: Grab a Frisbee and flip it upside down to use as a playing table and you should use plastic waterproof cards.

Deal out the entire deck of cards to all the players. If someone gets rid of all the cards in their hand then they are declared the winner and may impose a penalty on whoever they choose. The great trick to this game is that you can LIE and lay down whatever you want.

If no one questions you then you have gotten away with it and the game moves on. Goal: To pass the bottle completely around the tub without using your hands. Source: Swimuniversity. Your . Please describe the bug.

Hot tub looking for fun

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