Guide to dating in dundee

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So lockdown was a real scunner fae my point of view. As we pass from the brutal winter of social restriction and into a looser mode of life, and as the summer sun stutteringly shines, my social spirit has been raised alongside pints and shared smiles. However, there is just a tiny part of me that raises alongside those frothy springtime pints a more sombre dram, in remembrance of the little joys that kept me afloat in lockdown. I spent winter on my tod in a flat in Coldside.

It was a cosy, safe place and I had plenty of work, so I had much to be grateful for. But my Christ I didnae have many folk to chat to. The cold winds blew in the bare streets outside. He was therefore liable to get the pus talked off him. A similar fate befell the wifies that work at the butchers round fae me. It was all done through apps. Tinder , Bumble, and for the more exclusive end of dating, Hinge. The script is this: laptop closed at the end of the workday, a long lonesome lockdown evening stretches out before you. You nestle on the couch and fire up the phone.

Covid of course skewed things. Then the evening would canter by in a lively series of dialogues with strangers. But the date would spur me on to get dressed a bit, clean my shoes, chuck some product in my lengthy lockdown locks, and generally jazz myself up. Then comes the date itself. For me, it was socially distanced and outdoors for date one. That meant a takeaway coffee and a stroll. No sure if yous mind, but the winter lockdown weather was hilariously poor.

This meant that I strutted out to meet a series of lassies in the rain and ice and wind of February. Once we lapped Balgay Cemetery as hail hammered off the hetones. It is hard to be seductive at a distance of two metres, from inside a waterproof jacket, through a fine haze of drizzle. It is hard indeed to be seductive at a distance of two metres, from inside a waterproof jacket, through a fine haze of drizzle, as your teeth chatter with cold. But the honest joy of it will live with me. We — the couple of lassies I met up with for a coffee and a wander and I — were only there because we were bored and isolated.

We wanted a chat, and wanted to remember that we were actually alive. This is where the pressures of Covid caused folk to hurry along through the milestones of dating, getting close, moving in together, buying a dog etc way faster than usual. I could feel that centrifugal force of accelerated intimacy even on casual coffee dates. It was great! But a tiny wee part of me will grieve for those irreplaceably odd, friendly and vital lockdown confabs and graveyard meetups.

Already a subscriber? in. I bloody love a good blether. A chin wag. A catch up. A heart to heart or a haver. The freshest pint and finest fries in Dundee And whit a view! Looking for love in all the locked places But the Big Events socially were always the lockdown dates. in [[title]] [[text]]. Please try again.

Guide to dating in dundee

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