Fuck friends Seattle

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I was walking near 50th and University, when this quadriplegic got hit by an SUV. I heard her scream out in anguish and terror as she lay there exposed in the rain.. Seriously, what kind of luck is that. It's raining, you have no limbs, it's valentines day, you get hit by an SUV, and exposed to an entire street, and people just gawk. Finally after saying that a bunch, someone finally takes out their phone.

The worst part of it was, when it happened, the girl walking towards me on the same side of the street looked, and then kept walking. She only pretended to be shocked when I sprinted past her. Why does it take so much to help someone in this fucking city? Why can't you fucking people drive? I'm so sick of this shit. I've seen it, I see it every day, you people purposefully ignore each other like it's god damn fashionable. I'm shaken up by this, and I'm really pissed off. I'm so fucking sick of this town, and it's people.

You're all a bunch of hippies who pretend to care about everything, but when a -human being- is actually in need, you just figure someone else will handle it. From now on, if someone gets in a conversation with me, and starts whining about animal rights, and vegan shit, I'm just going to deck them. You have witnessed the bystander effect. This is not a phenomenon unique to Seattle. Thank you for helping. In the future, heaven forbid a similar occasion arise, you can avert this problem by issuing instructions to specific individuals.

I have read some very good advice can't remember the source , but it basically boils down to this:. People are willing to help, but don't know what to do at that moment, so if you can take initiative, do so. That's good to know. This isn't the first time I've been in this sort of situation. Girl got her purse jacked about a minute before I came out of the convention center in the middle of a con a couple years back, was crying and in obvious distress.

A dozen people walked right by her, including those who saw it happen. Nobody did shit. I was the only person to inquire about what was wrong, despite not actually seeing the event take place unlike most of the other people on the street. I had a look around nearby alleys and offered her my phone, thinking that maybe I could recover sentimental but monetarily worthless items if I was lucky. Didn't find anything, but at least I fuckin' tried. You just are suffering from culture shock. Each negative experience you attribute to your new culture and not as an isolated situation. After the honey-moon is over people often go through a phase of disconnection from their new culture.

I've worked here, I've worked elsewhere. Yeah it sucks when shit like this happens - it can be downright shocking. And guess what? I grew up in this town, I have long hair, what the fuck does that have to do with anything? You did a good thing, the reaction of those other people was fucked, but you need to go let the adrenaline cool down and get your head in order. You sit here and stereotype me, you stereotype my city, and from an experience you had in the one place where probably no one you encountered was actually from Seattle.

Hell, we Seattlites don't even make up a third of our city anymore, the vast majority are instead implants, like you. Most people don't know what to do in a medical emergency, especially with a segment of population they are usually isolated from and have little interaction with on a day to day basis. On top of this, unless you have proper medical training, you can also do a lot of damage to a person, especially a paraplegic as car accidents are very likely to include spinal injuries excepting for checking for airway obstructions, breathing, serious bleeding as well as trying to ensure that person feels as comfortable as possible until help arrives.

The only thing worse than a person who does nothing is a person who knows nothing doing everything. Don't like it? Well then do something about it - go volunteer, go help educate people and break down that 'bubble'. Because of this, Seattle continues to be the best place to die - because we're ten times more likely than the national average to bring your ass back, and when we do, it won't be because of the paramedic, it'll be because your coworker, or some random stranger will find you, step in, and save you. And yes, I'm talking about Seattle.

People freeze up. People don't know how to react in situations that are foreign to them. Our society teaches these people to react timidly, and wait for figures of authority to guide them through this. This isn't their fault, horrible as though these scenes are - it just means we must do better in breaking these walls down in the future.

So here's hoping you either cool off, take your righteous anger and go do something constructive with it, or take your own advice and go back to wherever the hell you came from. As a native who is neither passive-aggressive nor a shitty driver, it really gets under my skin when people rag on the entire city's populace for some stereotypical "Seattlite" characteristic. California is that way - please do fuck off. I've honestly typed about six responses by now. Thanks to player2 for pointing out the bystander effect. I feel for you- it was certianly traumatic situation.

Realize, though, that you sound like a goddamn idiot. Generalizing populace of the largest city in the northwest, home to 3. Clearly your anger is speaking, but for fuck's sake think about what you're saying. Said it better than I could. I've also been in situations like OP described, and I had no trouble acting, and I'm born and raised here. I've seen plenty of bystander effect, but I've also seen several Puget Sounders more than able and willing to help in the midst of tragedies. Generalizing that a bunch of terrified college students represent everyone in the city, and then insulting everyone else further, is not a great way to make change.

I think the OP is entitled to some irrational and ill placed ire. I would not go so far as saying he sounds like an idiot. You reference, and do so correctly, the bystander effect while simultaniously mitigating the effect that agitation and irrational anger is a direct side effect of a traumatic and stressfull event. Only saying - if we are willing to consider the state of the crowd - we should consider the state of the person.

I think the send function on everything should come with a 15 min delay. I'd like to think that in retrospective, this person would reconsider how they present themselves. It's terrible that this happened, but it has nothing to do with where it happened. Calm the fuck down, homeskillet. You can be upset with someone without taking it out on everyone.

I'm constantly annoyed by how little people pay attention to their surroundings. Goddamn, I just live down on 45th, this must have been while I was at work. I hate that this shit happens, I would have done the same as you. Had something similar in NYC. Guy was sitting on a park bench, keeled over and started having a seizure. No one did a damned thing. I ran over, stuffed his jacket under his head which he had been repeatedly slamming into the cement, and was bleeding and fortunately was with some friends, so I told my friend to call Bystander effect is a fucked up thing.

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Fuck friends Seattle

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What the -fuck- Seattle, what the fuck is wrong with you?