Any women into kink

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No go: kinky baby talk. True submission is earned. June, 37, Aesthetic Technician No. The thing is the aftermath leaves me looking like a battered junkie at times, which is never en vogue. For that I have excellent cover-up. Good times! One thing that I could never get into is the finger in the arse deal.

And I know I am alone in this — my poor, lonely arse. And as long as it involves complete trust, and does not involve poo, pee or blood, most anything goes. And it feels exhilarating. On the other hand, fellas have tried to get me to suck on their toes and vice versa before, but after being in too many skanky nail salons, it is just not something I am into. Or hardly at all.

I like it a little rough, and I like to be tied up, nor am I afraid to hint or outright say so. I do not, however, enjoy being peed on. I have only found one guy who was good with this situation and he was just a terrible person. I slapped him across the face once when I was about to climax and to date it still sends chill up my spine thinking of it. Kink is a two-way street. Give, get. The holy hell is with that? No cattle prods, no branding. I also enjoy hair pulling, bites, slaps and bondage.

Really not an area that needs attention. Turn-ons: confidence. I like a man that takes charge. Domination is, of course, fabulous in the right circumstances, but also simply the confidence to make a woman feel seen and appreciated and pleasured accordingly.

Also, I had a boyfriend who was into role playing. I thought it was kind of silly at first, but really got into the theatrics. The costumes and the storylines were amazing! His imagination was such a turn on. All time favorite was the sailor on leave from WWII. So specific! Above all though, NO baby talk. I HATE that! The most bizarre request of recent memory was someone who wanted me to piss on them.

Like squatting over their bare chest in crotch-less underwear. I like leaving the blinds open and imagining my neighbors peeping. Or even better, filming during a romp sesh. NOT into it when a guy is turbo on butt play. This article was featured in the InsideHook newsletter. up now. And awesome. Popular at InsideHook. Chicago Los Angeles New York. Washington DC. Subscribe Follow Us facebook instagram pinterest twitter linkedin.

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Any women into kink

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