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The words inquire and enquire both relate to seeking information. In some English-speaking countries, the two words are considered to be synonyms, but in others, they're used in different situations. Discover how to choose between enquire vs. Home Sentence Seeking Seeking sentence example seeking. Pierre paused, seeking a reply. She turned her head, seeking and finding his lips again. He glanced up at her, probably seeking a reason for her silence. He watched her throughout the night's activities, seeking to judge whether Mansr's parting words were true.

Alice giggled, her large gray eyes seeking out Carmen. Dolokhov lowered his head to the snow, greedily bit at it, again raised his head, adjusted himself, drew in his legs and sat up, seeking a firm center of gravity. He met her gaze soberly, probably seeking the cause of her distress. Rostopchin, coming out there with quick angry steps, looked hastily around as if seeking someone. He rolled to face her, his other hand seeking her waist and drawing her close. He searched Deidre's apartment from top to bottom several times, seeking the item he needed to fulfill his part of a deal. It was on her mind to move away, but instead she found her face lifting to his - seeking out his lips.

The difference between his former and present self was that formerly when he did not grasp what lay before him or was said to him, he had puckered his forehead painfully as if vainly seeking to distinguish something at a distance. She closed her eyes, seeking the familiar home videos. He tore apart a demon and stood breathless, seeking his next opponent, only to see the body-strewn park was empty of living demons in the early morning light. He did say something about the Sanctuary, Jade said, seeking some lie to keep Kris. The cuff was warm against her skin and she tugged at it, seeking some way to free herself.

If we have a large range of examples, if our observation is constantly directed to seeking the correlation of cause and effect in people's actions, their actions appear to us more under compulsion and less free the more correctly we connect the effects with the causes. With a of state parks in the region the traveler seeking an active vacation cannot go wrong.

Gathering her in his arms, he pulled her close - his lips seeking hers hungrily. Giddon entered the room, his chagrined gaze immediately seeking Lisa. Then they were locked in a passionate embrace, seeking and finding the love they had been pushing aside for so long.

She checked the locator as she waited, seeking out General Greene on the compound. They are seeking a talented individual to their team on a part time basis for an initial period of six months. The church in this village had been harassed by local authorities, who may have been seeking a pretext to arrest the church leaders.

A quick search of the Montrose phone book surprisingly found a listing that seemed to be what he was seeking. He was certain to take her to climax each time before seeking his own release, a practice she'd never participated, when she was a goddess who felt nothing. She gripped his arms and pressed close to him, her warm lips seeking his. As Darkyn had said, the underworld tempered his Immortal magic, but Rhyn felt the demon power broiling behind the constraints, seeking a way out of him.

He was sticking to his plan, though he no longer had time to find Death. He knelt on the ground and closed his eyes, seeking out the writhing darkness of his demon side. If the demons had the power to transform and fly, he could access his demon powers, too, even if the Immortal side of him was bound by Death's underworld.

She turned away, seeking to suppress the beast, and grabbed her sword. She could not afford to sleep long after her misadventure in Corcoran so she let herself doze for a short time before seeking out Hilden with questions she should have asked long ago. She leaned forward restlessly, seeking to recall what little he had taught her of strategy and why it looked very much like her kingdom was already doomed.

He guided her closer, his lips seeking hers in hungry response. His arms pressed her closer, his smooth lips seeking hers in ardent pleasure. And then his lips were warm on hers, seeking and finding emotions she never knew she possessed. He was moving quickly, around the building and seeking shelter among the rocks that lined one side of the moonlit beach to separate it from the property of the neighboring set of condos.

She frowned, seeking s he'd had someone over. Garibaldi and a few followers, including his devoted wife Anita, after vainly attempting to reach Venice, where the tricolor still floated, took refuge in the pine forests of Ravenna; the Austrians were seeking him in all directions, and most of his legionaries were captured and shot. We are seeking from them what they cannot give. In seeking ultimate reality in the circle of "active conscious sensation," he rules out all "metaphysic.

He was a straightforward and honourable man, who tried his best to do his duty in a position that had been forced upon him, and was in no sense of the word his own seeking. In seeking for an explanation we may perhaps trust, at least in part, the evidence of the Ethnicon itself. The winding-up of the Panama Company having been declared in the:month of December , the adversaries of the French Republic, seeking for a scandal that would imperil the government, hoped to bring about the prosecution of the directors of the Panama Company.

Owing to the mildness of its climate Algiers has become a favourite resort for those seeking to escape the rigours of a European winter. In June there came a last and intolerable affront to the emperors of Austria and Russia, who at that very time were seeking to put bounds to Napoleons ambition and to redress the balance of power. After two successful voyages, Eudoxus, impressed with the idea that Africa was surrounded by ocean on the south, left the Egyptian service, and proceeded to Cadiz and other Mediterranean centres of trade seeking a patron who would finance an expedition for the purpose of African discovery; and we learn from Strabo that the veteran explorer made at least two voyages southward along the coast of Africa.

He died on the journey in March ; and thus, as one of the brethren pronounced his epitaph, " seeking Cathay he found heaven. The complicated plot is constructed with greater skill than is usual with this dramatist, and the pathos of particular situations, and of the entire character of Penthea - a woman doomed to hopeless misery, but capable of seeking to obtain for her brother a happiness which his cruelty has condemned her to forego - has an intensity and a depth which are all Ford's own.

Ambitious members of the Rurik dynasty, instead of seeking to acquire territory by conquest in the field, now sought to attain their ends by intrigue and bribery at the Mongol court. In theology he was a Broad Churchman, seeking always to emphasize the permanent elements in religion, and ignoring technicalities.

Failing in an attempt to arrange terms, and also in obtaining the help which he solicited from France, O'Neill was utterly routed by the O'Donnells at Letterkenny; and seeking safety in flight, he threw himself on the mercy of his enemies, the MacDonnells. O'Donnell went to Spain, where he died soon afterwards, and Tyrone with a shattered force made his way once more to the north, where he renewed his policy of ostensibly seeking pardon while warily evading his enemies.

Crowds of wanderers were to be met on every road; Germany, Holland and Italy were full of Jews who, pack on shoulder, were seeking a precarious livelihood at a time when peddling was neither lucrative nor safe. In its charities Cleveland has carried far the principle of coOperation, seeking to obviate through a welfare federation the waste in soliciting contributions.

Honey forms the staple nourishment of many ants, some of the workers seeking nectar from flowers, working it up into honey within their stomachs and regurgitating it so as to feed their comrades within the nest, who, in their turn, pass it on to the grubs. He is grave, and has the reputation of being extremely just; he favours the people exceedingly, and especially the poor, hearing their suits and seeking to despatch them instantly.

Towns arose and agriculture began to flourish; but seeking to make itself independent, the Order lost its lands, and disappeared from Transylvania. In his explanation of the Gospel narratives Paulus sought to remove what other interpreters regarded as miracles from the Bible by distinguishing between the fact related and the author's opinion of it, by seeking a naturalistic exegesis of a narrative, e. But, although the legend is first told in Alexandrian times, the "cry of Hylas" occurs long before as the "Mysian cry" in Aeschylus Persae, , and in Aristophanes Plutus, "to cry Hylas" is used proverbially of seeking something in vain.

Napoleon at Tilsit resembles Polyphemus seeking to destroy Ulysses. It has frequently been said that the lagoon population was originally composed of refugees from the mainland seeking asylum from the incursions of Huns,, Goths and Lombards; but it is more probable that, long before the date of the earliest barbarian inroad, the lagoon islands already had a population of fisherfolk. In , New York, seeking another claim, obtained from the Iroquois a grant to the king of England of this territory which they claimed to have conquered but from which they had subsequently been expelled, and this grant was confirmed in and again in About English traders from Pennsylvania and Virginia began to visit the eastern and southern parts of the territory and the crisis approached as a French Canadian expedition under Celeron de Bienville took formal possession of the upper Ohio Valley by planting leaden plates at the mouths of the principal streams.

This was in and in the same year George II. The so-called Spectre Huntsman of the Malay Peninsula is said to be a man who scours the firmament with his dogs, vainly seeking for what he could not find on earth - a buck mouse-deer pregnant with male offspring; but he seems to be a living man; there is no statement that he ever died, nor yet that he is a spirit. Single individuals or small companies are found, however, on the coast all the year round; they may have become detached from the main bodies, and be seeking for the larger schools which have long left on their return migration.

The English doctrine that a verbal lease may be specifically enforced if there has been part performance by the person seeking the remedy has been fully adopted in nearly all the American states. From this point of vantage he began depredations on the Red Sea , building a fleet, and seeking to attack Medina and Mecca - a policy which may be interpreted either as mere buccaneering, or as a calculated attempt to deal a blow at Mahommedanism in its very centre.

We may conceive of the Third Crusade under the figure of a of converging lines, all seeking to reach a common centre. For the next four years he stayed in the Holy Land, seeking to do what he could for the establishing of the kingdom of Jerusalem. Apart from the important part which he took in helping to co-ordinate and draft the Civil Code, Cambaceres did the state good service in many directions, notably by seeking to curb the impetuosity of the emperor, and to prevent enterprises so fatal as the intervention in Spanish affairs and the invasion of Russia proved to be.

There can be no doubt that the government of the Restoration, in seeking to obtain possession of the island, had the intention of reestablishing slavery, and even of reopening the slave trade for the purpose of recruiting the diminished population. A fine Spanish squadron seeking to escape from Santiago harbour was utterly destroyed by the American blockading force on the 3rd of July; Santiago was invested by land forces, and on the 15th of July the city surrendered.

The Ottoman government, seeking to gain time, proposed a " mixed commission " of inquiry; and to this France agreed, on condition that no documents later than should be admitted as evidence. Their respective followers, and more especially cultured laymen, lacking the capacity for original work, seeking for a solution in some kind of compromise, and possibly failing to grasp the essentials of the controversy, take refuge in a combination of those elements in the opposing systems which seem to afford a sound practical theory.

What the war and revolution had left of the large farms, subsequent agrarian legislation further damaged; and in the Latvian state was still struggling against the dislocating effects of war and revolution, and its finance and commerce were seeking new methods of reconstruction. In , for instance, no fewer than 50, Zulus crossed the Tugela seeking the protection of the white man. Such considerations have the very greatest importance for the guidance of the action of civilized man in seeking the health and happiness of the community. These cod are fed chiefly on mussels, and when the keeper approaches to feed them they may be seen rising to the surface in hundreds and eagerly seeking the edge.

Desolate bogs, incapable of cultivation, alternate with the mountains; and the inhabitants earn a scanty subsistence by fishing and tillage, or by seeking employment in England and Scotland during the harvesting. The cultivation was begun in the island in by planters seeking new lands free from the heavy taxation to which they were subjected in Sumatra. We may say, however, that they fall into two classes, general and specific. The specific services are capable of more definite statement, and they usually received exact definition in custom and sometimes in written documents.

In their travels in Syria they had gained the confidence and friendship of a young sheikh whose family, though long settled at Tadmur, came originally from Nejd, and who was anxious to renew the connexion with his kinsmen by seeking a bride among them. The necessity of seeking protection from the sea-rovers and pirates who infested these waters during the whole period of Hanseatic supremacy, the legal customs, substantially alike in the towns of North Germany, which governed the groups of traders in the outlying trading posts, the establishment of common factories, or "counters" Komtors at these points, with aldermen to administer justice and to secure trading privileges for the community of German merchants - such were some of the unifying influences which preceded the gradual formation of the League.

The earliest names associated with the exploration of Bering Strait are those of Russians seeking to extend their trading facilities. They connect all the important cities, towns and ports, but cover only a small part of the republic.

The cost of erecting and maintaining telegraph lines in the sierra and montana regions is too great to permit their extensive use, and the government is seeking to substitute wireless telegraphy. The government is seeking to promote the industry through the importation of breeding mares from Argentina. For a moment circumstances led him to think of seeking a career in America, but a friend who preceded him thither warned him of the purely practical spirit that prevailed in the new country. When the positive method has been finally extended to society, as it has been to chemistry and physiology, these social facts will be resolved, as their ultimate analysis, into relations with one another, and instead of seeking causes in the old sense of the word, men will only examine the conditions of social existence.

His next move was against the Greeks and Saracens of southern Italy, but seeking to attain his objects by negotiation, sent Liudprand, bishop of Cremona, to the eastern emperor Nicephorus II. As early as he was seeking to lay the foundation of a scientific explanation of the universe, when he published his Prodromus principiorum rerum naturalium, and had already written his Principia in its first form.

In he also published Prodromus philosophiae ratiocinantis de infinito et causa finali creationis, which treats of the relation of the finite to the infinite, and of the soul to the body, seeking to establish a nexus in each case as a means of overcoming the difficulty of their relation.

This movement is characterized firstly by its magnitude; secondly, by the fact that the emigrant changes his political allegiance, for by far the greater part of modern emigration is to independent countries, and even where it is to colonies the colonies are largely self-governing and self-regarding; and thirdly, it is a movement of individuals seeking their own good, without state direction or aid. Seeking out Nonnus, she overcame his canonical scruples by her tears of genuine penitence, was baptized, and, disguising herself in the garb of a male penitent, retired to a grotto on the Mount of Olives, where she died after three years of strict penance.

The honeycomb of rock, and capillary action, retard the lighter fresh-water from sinking to the sea; the soakage from rain has therefore to move horizontally, over the strata about sea-level, seeking outlets.

Am seeking head

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